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Julia's Snakepit

On 16 November 2016, Henriëtte Wijnen's first book was published under the title: 'Julia's Snakepit'  by publisher Gopher in Amsterdam.

It is a true story that describes the impact of 'toxic management'.


At a well-attended book presentation in the historical city Gouda, the first copy was presented to lawyer Ed van Meer.

In addition to speeches by the publisher and the author Henriette there were impressive speeches from LL.M Ed van Meer, from the firm 'Van Meer Law and legal affairs' and Rob Fijlstra, speaker and author and management consultant from the company 'Fijlstra and Wullings' and MSc. Eric Westra, management consultant, trainer and author at Westra Advice.











Why this book was written?

For years I worked as a manager in a municipal organization. I never thought I would end up in a web of intimidation and bullying. But it happened and the consequences were disastrous, for me and my (work) environment. Unfortunately, my story is recognizable to many people. Every day more than 1 million people experience the consequences of bullying and intimidation at work.

For example, I wrote this book for them. But also for managers, managers and young professionals, in the hope of inspiring them to create healthy organizations for employees.

Julia's snakepit is available online anywhere.

Read here my English interview:


Reviews Julia's Snakepit

"In a constitutional state there is a prohibition of own direction. If you really run into a social problem, you ultimately have to ask the independent judge for a ruling. Within those frameworks you have to be able to trust that the judge offers you the protection you need. Read how Julia was literally ground in 'her issue' between a failing, non-honest government bureaucracy and a totally disinterested judiciary. And then realize then that the chilling story of Julia is based on true facts from her own life. Read also how Julia, by eventually choosing for himself on a fundamental level, overcame all the rigid government action and found her own course again. A new course on which manipulative 'managers' and uninterested judges will never get any more influence.'

LL.M Ed van Meer, civil servants and employment law

"A lot has been written about dysfunctional organizations, mostly from an outsider perspective, which is the painful tale of an insider who got into trouble because she wanted too much and was too demanding for her environment. can be a series of painful incidents, a maelstrom where you are sucked in, but not easy to find out, the writer does not spare himself in. It is compulsory reading for everyone who wants to better understand how organizations can develop into grief machines. from now on better and earlier to intervene if there is a labor conflict. "

Rob Fijlstra, author, speaker, trainer and certified management consultant at 'Fijlstra & Wullings'.