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Lecture: 'The way to desired and ethical behavior in the workplace'

reflective and inspiring

The lecture 'The way to desirable and ethical behavior in the workplace' is intended for profit, non-profit organizations and events.

Intimidation, bullying and abuse of power at work unfortunately occur everywhere .... According to research by TNO (2015) in the Netherlands, more than half a million people have to deal with this every day.

It is a unique lecture because from personal experience as a manager

the disastrous consequences of intimidation and abuse of power for people and

organization will be clear and it will also be clear which roles are within

organizations are when it comes to bullying, intimidation and abuse of power.

Of course comes what an organization can do to get on the road

again to the desired behavior on the work floor. During the lecture undesirable behavior

within organizations will be put placed in perspective by, among other things, facts, figures and

findings from scientific research.


Harassment, bullying, abuse of power, 'toxic management/a toxic culture', create a sick working atmosphere, extra absenteeism and an increased risk of burnout, depression, anxiety disorders and therefore reduced productivity and job satisfaction. 1 in 6 employees has to deal with it every day and is therefore sick at home.


It is Henriëtte's mission to include audiences through lectures in the transition from undesirable behavior to desired behavior in the workplace. Her lecture is informative, reflective and certainly inspires the creation of a stimulating and safe working environment. And therefore to build a bridge to more transparent, safe and healthy organizations.


The lecture is inspired by her own experience, interactive and inspiring, which also has a self-selective effect on those present.


Supporting the lecture is her book: 'Julia's Snakepit', a true story about the impact of toxic management (Publisher Gopher, Amsterdam, 2016))


' Compliments and great appreciation for your story. The very good thing is that you make a combination between the important moments and points about what happened to you and how it can be done differently and therefore a perspective." It is not just a list of what else can or must.

You have the inner strength to have meaning for others.' 


Bram Abels, management consultant

Henriëtte has the courage to turn her life lessons into action and to share with everyone who is open to this. She also tells you what you can do to prevent escalation and makes you think about your own role and influence within the system world. She has written her experiences from her heart and has them critically tested by an organizational psychologist and lawyer. With the aim to stimulate both managers and employees through their story to think about their common task of working together on a pleasant and safe working environment.' 


Mariëtte Pasman, senior strategist, government organization

' Henriëtte told her own, very personal story during our meetings 'Preventive action in psychosocial workload'. She can turn a sad personal story into a business issue where we really have to do something with each other. It is precisely the mix of personal and business that makes the story, its reading, its appeal. I will certainly recommend Henriette as a guest speaker. '


Els van Leeuwen, owner of school against bullying

'Henriëtte's lecture always evokes amazement among her audience, I have attended the lecture a number of times and am still amazed at the damage that occurs in the event of undesirable behavior on the work floor - an absolute must if you want to know what undesirable behavior is actually and what causes it in people.'


Michiel Hordijk, Mediator